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CliftonStrengths Adaptability

Embracing Adaptability: Unlocking Your Best Self

Ever feel like something's holding you back from becoming your best self? It might not be time, energy, or money—it could be your attachment to the 'old you.' We all have this mental image of ourselves, but is it serving us?

Consistency has its merits, but it can also be overrated. We're creatures of habit, fearing actions "out of character." But what if our concept of 'you' is outdated?

Channeling my CliftonStrengths, I urge you to embrace Adaptability. Like the dinosaurs, adaptability is crucial for survival. Refusing to adapt can make you an anachronism.

Ever felt trapped by your own words or constrained by expectations? That's a self-imposed prison. The true 'you' is the one you naturally want to be. Drop expectations, act in the moment, and be true to your emotions.

Biologically, we're in constant flux. The 'you' now is different from a decade ago. Embrace change; it's the key to unlocking your best self.

Stay adaptable,

Tricia P!

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