The A21 Atlanta A-Team Launch was a success! We had great conversation and came up with some next steps to bring awareness to our city. A21 turned 10 years old this year. And guess what? They made a short film about the journey. This is the story—of people coming alongside, traffickers being prosecuted, and survivors finding freedom and restoration.



But there are still millions affected by slavery every day. There is so much to be done, and that’s why we need you. Join the A21 Atlanta A-Team here! We can’t do this without you: #MissingPersons


Tricia Perkins is a dedicated trainer of mission expansions in churches, organizations and businesses, she is also a proud provider of American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED Training. When consulting local organizations and leaders, her commitment is to develop and train individual and group understandings of empathy and situational awareness. When she is certifying individuals and groups in First Aid and Safety her main goal is bringing groups together to be certified in the safety administration and protection for families, children and the fellow Samaritan. Her heart and vision of each workshop is to always to care for others which makes her the ideal professional certification consultant.

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