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Coaching and Workshops

Leverage the power of CliftonStrengths to identify your 34 strengths, set clear goals, foster positive habits, and cultivate a growth mindset. 

Live Your Best Life Using Your Strengths

Meet some of the people who have completed the CliftonStrengths® assessment -- and use their results to maximize their potential at work and everywhere else.

Down to the Science: Talent x Investment = Strength

The formula Talent x Investment = Strength captures a profound concept in a simple fashion.

Talents, founder Don Clifton wrote, are your "naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior." They're the innate, natural abilities you can productively apply.

When Clifton studied human behavior, he noted hundreds of positive characteristics and saw that many of those characteristics had commonalities. Based on those common traits, he distilled them down into the 34 talent themes we know today. To identify the rank order of those 34 themes for yourself, take the CliftonStrengths assessment, which measures the presence of talents.

But to turn those talents into strengths, you must invest in them -- practice using them and add knowledge and skills to them.

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Watch How People Aim Their Purpose at Performance

Hear from people who use the CliftonStrengths assessment to discover what they do best and use those talents to make themselves and their teams better.

About Tricia

Experienced and Certified

With over 20 years in management and leadership development and certifications like SHRM-SCP and Gallup CliftonStrengths, Tricia offers a wealth of expertise.

Customized Solutions

Tricia’s approach is tailored to meet your team's unique culture and challenges, ensuring relevant and impactful solutions.

Proven Success

With a track record in enhancing leadership skills and employee engagement, Tricia’s methods are practical and effective.

Engaging Workshops

Tricia’s sessions are interactive, providing immersive experiences that translate into real-world skills.

Sustainable Impact

Her coaching and workshops aim for lasting change, fostering ongoing growth and success.

What people are saying

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Tricia made a dramatic impact on my restaurant in such a positive way! She is a big reason that we won our sales award last year. I’m so grateful for her heart for people. She does everything with excellence and with great attention to detail. She inspired us all to be our best.

Bryan Auton, Owner/Operator

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Tricia Perkins has been extremely instrumental in my growth, both professionally and personally. From taking the time to coach and develop me based on my Gallup Strengths and showing me how to use my strengths to my best advantage, to being there for me and being a blessing to me personally whenever I needed guidance. The way Tricia gets to the root of the problem is unparalleled because her discernment skills are unmatched. 

Tony Walton-Blanton, Kitchen Director

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When Ms. Tricia started coaching me, I hoped for instant answers to dilemmas about the future. Rather than mapping out one direct path, Ms. Tricia has given me valuable tools to make the most of all career opportunities and to become my own agent for change. She has given me the potential to be great and helped me to expand my talents.

Brieanna Garvin, Georgia State University Alumna